• Text Widget – The text widget which provides an introduction to my blog is located in the Extrabar sidebar (on the left side of the page at the top).
  • RSS Feed - The RSS feed is a widget in the Top Menu.
  • AdSense – I added a widget in the footer of my page that has been displaying various ads for AdSense.
  • Events Calendar – Events Calendar is a widget in the Extrabar sidebar.
  • Recent Posts, Archived Posts, Categories, and Links – These widgets have been included added to the sidebars. It took a while to grasp the concept of a widget and how it relates to a plugin (some background reading was necessary for a newbie like me), but it became much easier after a couple of tries. Widgets are powerful tools and once I understood that I could install some widget types more than once (which was later confirmed in lecture), the structure made a lot more sense. Categories are set up to reflect the major topic areas for posts.
  • I left the Home widget in the Top Menu because I found it very useful.
  • About - About is an extra text widget that describes the author.
  • Copyright – I am using Blog Copyright and inserted the string into the actual footer.php file, which was a breakthrough for me. It appears at the bottom left of the pages.
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