After installing Word Press, I initially chose the Constructor theme and spent several hours working with it which included changing the layout several times (adding and deleting columns as well as changing the locations of the contents, uploading photos, installing plug-ins, etc). I changed all of the fonts and the header sizes and added a windmill photo as the header, but didn’t find the ┬áresults to be aesthetically pleasing. I moved to Twenty Ten 1.1, but was concerned it would be considered a “default” theme. Next, I download several others to preview, then opted for Fastfood. I did check to make sure it supported WordPress 3.0 before installing this theme.

I selected Fastfood because I liked the way it looked. I uploaded a different photo for the header, but didn’t change the layout very much. Since Constructor had so many options that I just kept blowing it up, I found the simplicity of Fastfood to be appealing. In the end, however, I returned to Constructor, due to the flexibility it allows. Never mind that the learning curve was much steeper for someone like me who has signed up for a blog, but never created one once I had the account.

Starting with the default view of Constructor, I tried to change the appearance as much as possible. I added a column, changed the font sizes and color scheme (to reflect the school colors), rearranged the layout, and added photos which either reflect the content or include the school mascot, Bucky Badger. I did not include photo credits, since I shot all of the pictures displayed within the blog and was given permission to use any that are not my own from Flickr that are part of the Learning Spaces collections.

I limited the number of posts on the front page to ten and have been manipulating the publishing date for older material, so it may be accessed under “older posts”.

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