My high school choir traveled to Europe my sophomore year. There is now a Facebook page for the group and a reunion is in the works. The father of one of the members recorded the European concerts, which I have been digitizing from cassette tape. A sample is provided below.

Listen now:

St. Martin in the Fields – The Lord Bless You and Keep You. The first few seconds have quite a bit of hiss. It gets better. Not great, but free tools were used.

I was fortunate enough to reserve a spot for a recent tour of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. The photos (taken with my iPhone) are posted to the Learning Spaces Gallery. Much of the Town Center is completed and it sounds as if many UW staff located near the Engineering campus are looking forward to the new restaurants to be located in the building, since we have been relying on various food carts for lunch since Union South was razed.

The “Building the Future” video is very interesting (especially to someone who has a geothermal loop system at their home). The WID web site also includes a list of grand opening events. DoIT will be providing Internet kiosks for the Town Center.

Bucky Badger using an iPadThis site allows WORT FM listeners to easily access the information discussed during the monthly Friday Eight O’Clock Buzz tech reports. Please feel free to leave comments, including suggestions for technology related topics for upcoming shows.
If you would like to listen to the tech report segment, select the link below, then click the Play arrow and drag the slider to 41:44 to start with the theme song (“The Man-Machine” by Kraftwerk). When the buffer catches up, the audio will being playing . Listen now: WORT Friday Eight O’Clock Buzz – September 17, 2010

giant loon statue in Mercer, WI

Links to online travel resources:
The following list is representative of the resources available. It is by no means comprehensive.
A discussion with host, Jonathan Zarov, of what happens to your social networking presence when you meet your demise. There were some minor technical difficulties in the studio, however, if you drag the slider to 46:52 you can begin listening at the beginning of the segment.
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This blog was created as an assignment for a DePaul University Class.

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I selected Akismet for blocking spam comments based on user product ratings. It was easy to obtain a key and I was able to test it by creating a Spam comment, which now shows up in the Widget. While researching Akismet, I ran across a post on Tech & Life Insights describing additional steps that can be taken to control spam. It provides a list of words to blacklist in Word Press, along with instructions, which I followed. Read the article here.

Subscribing to comment discussions by email

Subscribe to Comments was the second plugin I tried (after Subscribe to Comments Reloaded). The first plugin may have been fine, but for some reason, there was no option to leave comments. I knew comments were available on my assignment 1 sandbox pages and thought they were available on the /424 page when I began, but didn’t notice when they disappeared.
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Since this site will be open to an audience that would probably rather not have to register (Eight O’Clock Buzz listeners are members of the general public), I would rather not require it. If registration was required, I doubt they would take the time to go through the process.

After installing Word Press, I initially chose the Constructor theme and spent several hours working with it which included changing the layout several times (adding and deleting columns as well as changing the locations of the contents, uploading photos, installing plug-ins, etc). I changed all of the fonts and the header sizes and added a windmill photo as the header, but didn’t find the  results to be aesthetically pleasing. I moved to Twenty Ten 1.1, but was concerned it would be considered a “default” theme. Next, I download several others to preview, then opted for Fastfood. I did check to make sure it supported WordPress 3.0 before installing this theme.

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