64% of UK And German Gamers Spend Money On Apps And Games

Aiden Bailey


64% of UK And German Gamers Spend Money On Apps And Games

The mobile gaming sector is rapidly expanding globally, with the UK and Germany emerging as significant centers for game development talent. According to Newzoo, an estimated 75% of people aged 10 to 65 years in Germany and the UK are mobile gaming enthusiasts. 

This makes these countries the fifth and sixth top gaming markets globally in terms of user revenues, generating a combined $12.1 billion. This piece examines the driving factors that prompt players in the UK and Germany to invest in mobile gaming, as well as the resulting consequences for game creators.

Almost 50 million people in Germany are now playing games, compared to 39 million in the UK. A third of users are also watching game-related content. The main motivator for spending in-game is to unlock exclusive playable content or to take advantage of special offers. Other motivations include the desire to progress faster in the game or to purchase in-game items to customize their gaming experience.

Mobile gaming is a highly competitive industry, with developers constantly striving to create innovative and engaging games. Developers need to maintain a competitive edge by providing gamers with a distinctive and pleasurable gaming experience. This means that developers must be willing to invest in creating high-quality content and must be willing to offer players incentives to keep them playing.

In addition to offering players incentives to spend money, developers must also ensure that their games are accessible and easy to use. Consequently, developers are obliged to guarantee that their games function seamlessly with the newest mobile devices, while also ensuring optimization for both iOS and Android platforms. Developers must also ensure that their games are easy to navigate and that they offer players a smooth gaming experience.