Could Android 14 Fix the Awful Share Menu?

Aiden Bailey


Could Android 14 Fix the Awful Share Menu?

Google has strived to create an intuitive and user-friendly experience with its Android OS, but the share sheet is one area they have yet to perfect. This system component can be updated with a new Android version. However, progress is slow due to its rigid structure. Google appears to be considering unbundling the share menu from system updates in order for it to become updateable via Play Services instead. Several benefits come from this potential change, and customers may even find switching phones easier moving forward. 

Esper’s Mishaal Rahman discovered that Google had created a hidden copy of the share sheet found within Android 13, which was functionally identical but able to be updated through Play Services as opposed to being tied exclusively into system updates. Consequently, any changes or improvements made would be more rapid and consistent across devices from different manufacturers, leaving them only with minimal customization options, if nothing else. These changes could make transferring content or files easier between apps while improving its intelligent features. 

Furthermore, since Google will now retain greater control over such components through Play Services, it gives customers a better overall experience when transitioning between handsets, allowing them access to similar levels of functionality regardless of model or brand preferences – much like how Bluetooth stacks are currently maintained between brands/models already. The most plausible candidate for this transition is likely Android 14 though no beta previews have been released yet, so until then, we won't know if this method can actually take effect fully.  

All things considered, the decision by Google engineers to explore potential ways in which they can unbundle their current share menu feature from traditional software updates looks set to deliver many advantages for users without limiting manufacturer customization opportunities too drastically either - making it a round win situation (at least on paper). We'll have to wait until probably closer to the release date for Android 14 before we know whether these changes have been implemented and what other features may also accompany them at launch time too!