Discover the Mysterious World of Tron: Identity Coming to Switch and PC Next Month

Ella Hall


Discover the Mysterious World of Tron: Identity Coming to Switch and PC Next Month

Are you ready to dive into a unique world of mystery and adventure? Then get ready for Tron: Identity, an upcoming visual novel experience that’s coming to both Nintendo Switch and PC platforms next month. In a recent tweet, the developer announced that this visual novel adventure will be released on both PC and Nintendo Switch platforms on April 11. This announcement came along with an exciting trailer featuring the game's signature Tron visuals. Developed by Bithell Games, this story-driven adventure will take players inside the captivating sci-fi world of Tron as they investigate a crime with multiple potential outcomes. Get ready to explore the secrets behind this mysterious game!

In Tron: Identity, you play as Query – a detective program tasked with unraveling the truth behind an “unprecedented” crime. As you make your way through this cybernetic universe, you’ll have plenty of choices in how you interact with other characters and what approach you take to solve the mystery. Be careful, though, as each decision could potentially lead to different outcomes – some good, some bad!

As you progress through your investigation, you'll meet various characters whose behavior is influenced by your words and actions – so choose wisely! Every choice you make can have far-reaching consequences in this story that offers multiple possible outcomes based on how players interact with their environment.

Alongside its narrative choices, Tron Identity also features unique exploration mechanics which allow players to drift through levels as they make their way towards solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles in order to progress through the game’s story – all while maintaining its classic cyberpunk aesthetic. The game also comes packed with plenty of unlockables, such as new skins and power-ups, which will help players uncover more secrets within this mysterious universe.

If you want even more insight into this upcoming title, then look no further than its official Twitter account, where updates are regularly posted regarding new information about gameplay mechanics and character reveals, among other things. It's also worth noting that there may be DLC released post-launch, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet, so stay tuned!


All in all, it seems like we can expect nothing short of an epic adventure when Tron Identity releases next month for both Nintendo Switch and PC platforms! With gripping visuals combined with intense story elements along with interesting decisions presented at every corner – we can rest assured this is one experience gamers won't forget anytime soon!