Ewan Mitchell Teases Unprecedented Levels of Deception in House of the Dragon Season 2

Aiden Bailey


Ewan Mitchell Teases Unprecedented Levels of Deception in House of the Dragon Season 2

As the anticipation for House of the Dragon season 2 intensifies, one of the actors has hinted at an unprecedented level of cunning within the Game of Thrones universe. With the new trailers hinting at a spectacular saga of Targaryen familial conflict, where factions known as the Greens and Blacks vie for dominance over the Seven Kingdoms, the next installment promises to be monumental.

The inaugural season wrapped up on a high note, with Aemond inadvertently leading to his nephew Lucerys's demise during a harrowing dragon pursuit. With Aemond aligning with the Greens and Lucerys being a progeny of Rhaenyra, the throne-contending matriarch of the Blacks, tensions are at an all-time high.

Looking forward, Ewan Mitchell, the actor behind Aemond, shared with Total Film, appearing in its latest edition on May 23 with Twisters gracing its cover, that an individual of Aemond's deceptive caliber is a first in the storied land of Westeros. Boasting a manipulative tendency likened to playing an instrument, Aemond positions a simple ultimatum: side with him or face dire consequences, as opposing Rhaenyra equates to jeopardizing one's safety.

With such a foreboding outlook, the sequel to House of the Dragon is eagerly awaited, set to premiere on June 16. Further insights and developments can be explored in the upcoming issue of Total Film, available both in physical and digital formats on May 23.

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