Mysterious PlayStation 5 RPG Leaked Online

Aiden Bailey


Mysterious PlayStation 5 RPG Leaked Online

Sony’s PS5 era is off to a promising start, with the releases of acclaimed games such as God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. However, many of the upcoming PlayStation exclusives remain under wraps. Leakers have recently unveiled footage from a mysterious PlayStation 5 game which may be an RPG in development within Unreal Engine 5, although it remains unknown when (or if) this title will be released.

A clip from the aforementioned game was first posted on IconEra before being removed shortly afterward; the source claimed that it had been taken from a “very early build,” meaning that there could still be extensive changes made to the game's development cycle or even outright cancellation at any moment. Furthermore, given the stage of development that this supposed title is in, it is likely that Sony won't announce anything regarding its release until much later on in 2023 or beyond - adding yet another layer of uncertainty surrounding its prospected launch date. 

Thus far, all information about this title has come from leakers, so caution should certainly be advised when taking anything for granted. That said, major developers working under Sony are already known for creating high-quality games. Thus, expectations should remain relatively high for whatever project finally makes its way into players' hands, regardless of whether it is this leaked game. It also remains unclear what direction XDev plan to take with their latest project, but more details will undoubtedly come out in time should they decide to share them publicly.  

The reveal of a potential new contender among upcoming PS5 titles serves as exciting news – yet also brings doubt since little is known about its status outside speculation by dedicated fans and internet sleuths hoping to uncover hidden gems before they're ready for prime-time consideration by major publishers like Sony Interactive Entertainment However until proven otherwise assumptions must remain cautious but hopeful rather than overly optimistic towards expectations over what ultimately might become one more great PS5 exclusive worthy of anticipation by gamers worldwide.