Path of Exile 2 Gears Up for Early Access with Cross-Play and Multiplatform Features Revealed

Ella Hall


Path of Exile 2 Gears Up for Early Access with Cross-Play and Multiplatform Features Revealed

At long last, the commencement of Path of Exile 2's early access is slated for later this annum, with the eagerly awaited role-playing game incorporating features such as cross-play and local multiplayer.

Indeed, after an extended period of anticipation, Path of Exile 2 is scheduled to embark on its early access phase at the tail end of 2024. The State of Play presentation today offered insights into the game's compatibility across different platforms and its inclusion on consoles.

Key attractions include the integration of local multiplayer for console users alongside the enablement of cross-play and cross-progression capabilities, allowing gameplay continuity across various devices. The PlayStation event provided a glimpse through a promotional snippet, yet an in-depth exploration was given to GameSpot, showcasing the game's adaptation for console - extending its presence to Xbox as well.

Grinding Gear Games houses a dedicated team focusing on refining Path of Exile 2 for the console environment and tailoring it for the use with a controller. Utilization of a dual-stick control setup is evident, with the left controlling navigation and the right dedicated to targeting, facilitating maneuvers such as retreating while launching projectiles at oncoming foes. The configuration of controller buttons is fully customizable, catering to the gamer's preferences and character setup.

What began as a tentative "experiment" in local multiplayer has flourished into a robust feature, complete with tailored menus enabling players and their companions to manage their inventories in tandem. The option is given for the second player to utilize their own POE account or to participate as a guest. This functionality extends beyond console platforms to include PC gamers as well.