Redefining Travel in Games: How Dragon's Dogma 2 Elevates the Journey

Aiden Bailey


Redefining Travel in Games: How Dragon's Dogma 2 Elevates the Journey

In the realm of gaming, where fast travel has become a default feature, 'Dragon's Dogma 2' stands out with its director Hideaki Itsuno's bold take on in-game travel. Itsuno argues that travel isn't inherently boring—it's the game design that makes it so. His vision for the Dragon's Dogma sequel is clear: make travel itself an engaging and essential part of the gameplay experience.

The original Dragon's Dogma challenged players with its limited fast travel options, encouraging exploration and interaction with the world. The sequel aims to double down on that philosophy, promising a landscape where every journey is ripe with potential encounters and adventures. Players are expected to debate their mode of transport, be it on foot or by mount, influenced by the prospect of the rich experiences offered en route.

A tantalizing twist to Dragon's Dogma 2's travel system is its carts, akin to the wagons of Skyrim or Morrowind's silt striders. However, Itsuno teases a more dynamic experience laden with random encounters that bring the world alive. Goblins laying siege to a road or a griffin descending upon your convoy are just a few of the hazards that add a layer of strategy and surprise to traversing the game's expanses.

This approach to in-game travel taps into a deeper aspect of immersion, transforming journeys from mere point-to-point transits into stories and memories forged along the way. Itsuno has no qualms with games that offer more lenient fast travel systems but is resolute in his vision for a more grounded experience that respects the player's agency and enhances the game's overall narrative tapestry.

In conclusion, Hideaki Itsuno is shaping Dragon's Dogma 2 into a title that aspires to make every journey an intrinsic part of the gaming experience. By ensuring the paths players take are as compelling as their destinations, Itsuno is not just designing a game but crafting a world teeming with life and engagement, where the voyage itself is as rewarding as the adventures that await.