Snapchat Partners with Linktree to Enhance User Visibility with Multiple Links

Aiden Bailey


Snapchat Partners with Linktree to Enhance User Visibility with Multiple Links

Snapchat is taking steps to give its users greater visibility within its app by partnering with Linktree. The photo-messaging app is introducing a new feature that enables users to display multiple links on their Snapchat profiles. These links could be related to their work or direct to their profiles on other apps. This initiative comes as Snapchat continues to grow its user base around the world, including in India.

Linktree is a service that allows individuals to compile multiple links related to their identities and work on one page. Users can then add their Linktree address to their social media profiles. The partnership with Snapchat was officially announced by Linktree via Twitter. The tweet stated, "Linktree has become the sole link-in-bio platform for Snapchat public profiles, simplifying the process of guiding your followers to your other social media channels.”

Linktree has pledged to boost the visibility of Snapchat users on its platform as part of this collaboration. Additionally, they are offering three months of premium services to Snapchat users. This includes the ability to include email IDs, phone number collections, and even NFTs on their Linktree profiles.

With the creator economy flourishing, social networking platforms are continually seeking ways to maximize benefits. To achieve this, platforms offer creator-friendly options to their users. In April, Instagram also introduced a similar feature to allow users to showcase their work posted on other networking platforms.

As of May 2023, Snapchat passed the 200 million mark of monthly active users in India. The company has also begun to partner with merchants in India to establish a local e-commerce ecosystem on top of its augmented reality-enabled app. In April, Snapchat also introduced an AI-supported interactive bot feature. With the latest partnership with Linktree, Snapchat continues to innovate and provide users with enhanced visibility and interaction options on its platform.