Soaring Among the Stars: A Life Hack to Raise the Level of Players in Starfield

Aiden Bailey


Soaring Among the Stars: A Life Hack to Raise the Level of Players in Starfield

Wondering how to level up quickly in Starfield? YouTuber Maka91Productions provides an in-depth guide on maximizing XP gain. However, this method requires certain skills and a solid understanding of the game's mechanics. As you delve into the game, it's critical to focus on researching power generation and resource extractors at a Research Laboratory.

Configuring your ship is critical as well. According to The Loadout, aim to attain a ship with 2000-3000 cargo space before gathering numerous resources from Jemison Mercantile and the ship store. 

Next, head to Andraphon, the moon of Sumati, for excellent iron and aluminium yields. Establish an outpost in the mountains for resource extraction. Set up extractors for aluminium and iron and power everything with solar arrays. Maka91 recommends placing storage bins to gather resources.

After your first sleep cycle, use your obtained resources to create more storage bins. With this setup, you're equipped to grind XP and levels. Maka91 details a process of crafting Adaptive Frames that offers significant XP rewards.

Upon completion, remove the adaptive frames. During this procedure, there's a chance your base may be attacked, requiring repairs. But don't forget about the extra XP buff for sleeping, or even higher if you're sleeping with a companion you have a high relationship with.

For even higher XP boosts, Maka91 recommends upgrading your farm on Venus - watch his video for more details.