"The Day Before" Faces Imminent Shutdown After Troubled Launch

Ella Hall


"The Day Before" Faces Imminent Shutdown After Troubled Launch

"The Day Before," a game that once topped Steam's most wish-listed chart, is shuttering operations in January, a mere few weeks following its troubled release. The game encountered multiple postponements before its debut on December 7, which was met with a flood of negative reviews from players.

Fntastic, the development house responsible for "The Day Before," made the closure announcement just a handful of days post-launch. The studio expressed that the game was a financial failure and that continued operation was unsustainable due to a lack of necessary funds.

A recent statement from the game's publisher, Mytona, mentioned that "The Day Before" will cease to exist, and its servers will go dark on January 22, 2024. They explained that in collaboration with Steam, they have been processing refunds for those who purchased the game. Mytona added that Steam would now be issuing automatic refunds to any players who have yet to receive one.

The statement concluded with Mytona thanking the community for its support during the endeavor. The publisher regretfully acknowledged that the absence of a development team left them with no viable option but to discontinue the game officially.