TikTok Adds Video Scrubbing Feature to Help Viewers Find Specific Parts of Videos

Aiden Bailey


TikTok Adds Video Scrubbing Feature to Help Viewers Find Specific Parts of Videos

TikTok, the popular short-video platform, has recently announced a unique feature that allows users to scrub through videos quickly and easily. "Video Scrubbing," a new feature, has been created to aid viewers in locating certain sections of videos they are viewing. 

Through Video Scrubbing, users can now select a video thumbnail and instantly find its corresponding part in the video. This makes it much easier to navigate long and complex videos. Additionally, this feature provides users with an added layer of control when viewing videos, allowing them to jump to the exact point they want to watch. 

The Video Scrubbing function is invaluable for creators as it allows them to highlight specific parts of their videos for promotion. For example, creators can now easily direct viewers to the most interesting or attention-grabbing parts of their content. This can result in a higher engagement rate and more views on their videos. 

The Video Scrubbing feature is currently only available on the TikTok app, but the company is working on rolling out the feature to other platforms. The team at TikTok is confident that the feature will help to improve the video viewing experience for users all over the world. 

With its new Video Scrubbing feature, TikTok is making it easier than ever before for users to find specific parts of videos. This feature is incredibly useful for both viewers and creators and promises to improve the overall viewing experience across the platform.