Valve Dispels Doubts: Accessing Counter-Strike 2 Beta Isnt Easy

Aiden Bailey


Valve Dispels Doubts: Accessing Counter-Strike 2 Beta Isnt Easy

Counter-Strike 2 was recently announced, and the start of a closed beta test caused a huge buzz among gamers. Recently, many players have returned to the original Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, believing that their Steam account stats and activity would make them eligible for the invitation to test CS2. However, Valve set the record straight and dispelled all the doubts about the process for getting invited. 

After CS2 was announced, the popularity of CS:GO grew even more. The reason for the sudden spike in player numbers was the hope that Valve would personally select users for the beta invitation based on their Steam account history and recent activity. This has yet to be proven. The company confirmed this statement on Twitter. Additionally, many experienced gamers who have earned thousands of hours of gameplay were not chosen for the testing. One such example is Twitter user mantuu, who has nearly 13,000 hours of playtime. 

This obviously doesn’t mean that the players who already have a lot of hours played in CS:GO will be invited to the beta. But Valve has said they will keep increasing the number of testers until the final release. For now, only two modes of play are available, but more will be included as the game’s content grows. 

Overall, it is clear that the key to success in getting an invitation for the CS2 Beta lies in patience. Valve has done an excellent job of creating anticipation for the upcoming game with its announcements. The company promises a final version of CS2 to be released in August 2023, so gamers who want an invitation must keep actively playing and wait for the opportunity to come their way.