Wildermyth's Latest DLC Campaign Sets a New Standard for Narrative Length in RPGs

Ella Hall


Wildermyth's Latest DLC Campaign Sets a New Standard for Narrative Length in RPGs

The revered RPG inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, known for its turn-based strategy and distinct papercraft visuals, just unveiled an expansion pack that's setting new standards in narrative length. Its latest DLC campaign exceeds the word count of nearly every primary narrative in the genre.

Since its 2021 launch, Wildermyth has won over fans, amassing 14,000 'Overwhelmingly Positive' reviews on Steam. Its unique blend of procedurally generated storytelling with intricate strategic gameplay elements has garnered a loyal following, making it a standout title that resonates with the Dungeons & Dragons community, despite not being an official entry in that universe.

Just yesterday, the Omenroad DLC became available, featuring not only a challenging mode replete with fresh maps, formidable bosses, and exciting power-ups but also introducing an epic new saga. This saga, named A Walk in the Unlight, leverages the DLC's innovative mechanics to unfold an exceptionally lengthy narrative.

An official tweet from Wildermyth earlier in the week showcased the impressive length of this new campaign. According to a graph shared by a translator for the game, while previous narratives ranged between 20,000 to 60,000 words, with a few deviations, none come close to A Walk in the Unlight's nearly 180,000-word count.

This metric places the DLC's campaign in the realm of full-length novels, surpassing the combined total word count of nearly all previous narrative arcs. The closest contender within the game, a story named Cvawn, caps at 75,000 words, with the five other existing campaigns barely reaching a cumulative 170,000 words, illustrating the sheer scale of A Walk in the Unlight.

Though the length might seem overwhelming to some, the enthusiasm among Baldur's Gate 3 veterans suggests a ready audience eager for new depths of tabletop-inspired adventure. This expansion offers a fresh avenue for those looking for a novel yet familiar challenge.

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