Deciding Alidoro's Fate in Lies of P: A Strategic Guide

Ella Hall


Deciding Alidoro's Fate in Lies of P: A Strategic Guide

In the complex universe of Lies of P, gamers encounter a variety of challenging choices that have the potential to greatly influence their gameplay experience. One such critical juncture is the choice regarding the fate of the character Alidoro, a treasure hunter with a mysterious past. This guide aims to provide you with a well-rounded perspective on this decision and its potential consequences.

Why Should You Consider Eliminating Alidoro?

While it may seem harsh to consider eliminating Alidoro, there are some compelling reasons to do so. One of the primary motivations is the valuable item he drops upon his demise - Alidoro's Cryptic Vessel. This item is integral to completing Eugenie's Side Quest. Once deciphered by Venigni, it reveals that the Alidoro we know is a fraud, impersonating the real treasure hunter. In discussing this revelation with Eugenie, Pinocchio can choose to either lie, saying that he believes Alidoro was a talented Stalker, or tell the truth, revealing that Alidoro was actually Eugenie’s older brother.

Benefits of Alidoro's Departure

Beyond the completion of Eugenie's Side Quest, other benefits come with choosing to eliminate Alidoro. He drops certain Records, crucial collectibles that influence Pinocchio's Humanity Meter. Assisting Eugenie rewards players with one of two Records, either the Far East Princess Record (if you lie) or the Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 Record (if you tell the truth). As these Records play a part in achieving the Rise of P ending, considered the true/good ending, players should aim to eliminate Alidoro in two different playthroughs to collect both Records.

Concerns About Losing Alidoro's Services

For those players concerned about losing access to Alidoro's special weapons, do not fret. Once Alidoro is gone, another merchant named Hugo steps in to fill his shoes at Hotel Krat. Hugo continues to sell special weapons, ensuring players aren't at a disadvantage without Alidoro.

Consequences of Sparring Alidoro

If players opt to spare Alidoro, there are certain consequences to be aware of. Firstly, you miss out on the two crucial Records and cannot complete Eugenie's Side Quest. This decision also locks players out of an Achievement and the opportunity to earn extra Humanity Points. It's revealed that the person we know as Alidoro is an impostor, who killed the real Alidoro and has been impersonating him. This imposter later disables the Hotel’s security allowing the Black Rabbit Brotherhood to infiltrate Hotel Krat.

In conclusion, while the decision regarding Alidoro's fate ultimately rests with the player, the strategic advantages of eliminating him are worth serious consideration. In the enthralling and complex world of Lies of P, every choice matters and can significantly shape your overall gaming experience.