Delve into the Exciting World of "Only Up" Alternative Games: Unveiling the Top 5 Contenders

Ella Hall


Delve into the Exciting World of "Only Up" Alternative Games: Unveiling the Top 5 Contenders

The gaming community has developed a keen interest in games known as 'Only Up,' where players are tasked with overcoming gravity by constantly ascending for survival, success, and honor. These games provide an enthralling gameplay experience that focuses on progression towards the highest point, while ensuring immersive storytelling and settings. Here, we provide a deep dive into the realm of 'Only Up' games, unearthing the top five alternative picks that deserve your attention.

1. Doodle Jump

Dooodle jump game

Doodle Jump, developed by Lima Sky, is a platform game that requires players to guide a doodle character, The Doodler, via platforms to jump non-stop vertically towards high scores.


In Doodle Jump, players must tilt their device to guide The Doodler as it continuously jumps upwards. Along the way, platforms provide lift, while monsters and other obstacles can cause The Doodler to fall and the game to end. Power-ups such as rockets, propeller hats, and jetpacks can help The Doodler ascend faster or provide a protective shield.

Story & Setting

While there isn't a narrative in the traditional sense, Doodle Jump offers an abstract journey of a doodle character in a graph paper universe, a setting that has evolved with different themed versions like Space or Jungle.

2. Icy Tower

Icy tower logo

Icy Tower, developed by Free Lunch Design, is another gravity-defying game where players control a small character who must avoid descending off the screen by continuously jumping upwards on a series of platforms.


Players control the character's movement by using the keyboard's arrow keys and the spacebar for jumping. As the player climbs higher up the tower, the game's pace accelerates, with platforms shrinking in size and becoming more challenging to successfully land on. High scores can be obtained by making a series of jumps without touching the platforms – termed combos.

Story & Setting

Icy Tower's setting is a seemingly infinite tower that progressively gets icier and more slippery as you ascend. The narrative of the game centers on Harold the Homeboy's quest as he is determined to ascend to the peak of the Ice Tower.

3. Mega Jump

Mega Jump logo

Mega Jump, developed by Get Set Games, is a vertical platformer where the main character ascends non-stop by collecting coins, power-ups, and picking up various surprising boosts.


Moving the character is done by tilting the device, and one level is completed once the character reaches a set height. The gameplay can be diverse and fast-paced, thanks to power-ups like jetpacks, magnets, and super jumps that the character can exploit to ascend faster.

Story & Setting

With its vibrant and colorful design, the setting for Mega Jump is always upbeat. The main character, Redford, embarks on an adventure to journey upwards through various striking and alien landscapes, making for an engaging visual experience.

4. Sonic Jump

Sonic Jump logo

Sonic Jump, a spin-off of the famous Sonic the Hedgehog series, is another 'Only Up' game where players control Sonic or his friends to jump upwards continuously through revolving platforms while collecting rings.


Players control the character's lateral movements by tilting their device and can tap the screen to perform a double jump. Avoiding enemy characters while collecting rings and power-ups forms the crux of the gameplay.

Story & Setting

Sonic Jump is set within the usual Sonic universe, and the game's story typically revolves around Sonic's quest to stop his nemesis, Dr. Eggman. Sonic Jump delivers this traditional narrative within the 'Only Up' vertical format.

5. Tower of Destiny

Tower of Destiny logo

Tower of Destiny by YadaYada is a necessity for lovers of vertical 'Only Up' games, where you control your hero to climb the seemingly endless tower, tackling enemies and obstacles along the way.


In the game, players must jump from platform to platform while avoiding different obstacles such as spikes, enemies, and falling platforms. Randomly spawning treasure chests present items that can boost your hero's abilities.

Story & Setting

The game immerses players in its ever-changing, endless tower setting and provides a fascinating journey without an explicitly mentioned narrative. Each level is designed with a degree of randomness, ensuring that every ascension feels like a new adventure.

These 'Only Up' games, despite their seemingly simple premise, offer a deeper, thrilling, and engaging gaming experience, thanks to diverse gameplay mechanics, captivating settings, and inventive approaches to storytelling. So, it's time to buckle up and take the challenge – keep going 'Only Up'!