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Dragon`s Checkers Review

Dragon`s Checkers is an app designed by iwangr. Dragon`s Checkers was first published on . The app is available for Steam.

Your pawns are at the bottom of the board.
In your turns you move one of your pawn diagonally to one of a nearest square.
You can destroy enemy's pawn by jumping diagonally over it.
Note: If you can destroy enemy's pawn you MUST do it.That's the rule.
If any of your pawns reach oposite end of the board it change itself into queen pawn.
From now on it can move diagonally by any number of squares and also destroy enemy's pawn that way.
You win a game when there's no other figures except yours.

Good luck!

new ver. 4. 18 released, 20.04.2020.

Multiplayer (by port 2600) has been improved, pls if you find some errors or problems, give me message. It help me if you
get involved too, so enjoy, next thing and point is run server (without port 2600)

Also chat in game by internet is almost ready, but still in progres (sometime work, sometime not), and only for few players.
All in work

06.05.2020, - Works at internet serwer are break, I dont know when will be back, Top reason,

new ver. 4.25 released, 06.09.2020

now You can play by internet (no need open ports) but only for 2 players in lobby and server sometime is offline (all works in progres). Some a little errors was deleted

31.10.2020 - Works at internet serwer are break again.

Dragon`s Checkers

4.2 / 5

Dragon`s Checkers Logo
Author: iwangr
Size: 16 MB available space

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