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Visualistic Studios, LLC.


2 GB available space

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Mist of the Dark Review

Mist of the Dark is an app created by Visualistic Studios, LLC.. Mist of the Dark was first published on . The app is accessible on the following platforms: Steam.

Mist of the Dark challenges your ability to survive. Hunt down a terrifying monster in a dynamic cave. Stick with your team and discover hidden advantages to take down the monster. Scare the players as the monster, use tactics to your advantage to create your own horror experience.

Create your horror story

Hunt the soldiers down using your own tactics;
Use your environment to your advantage.
Hunt, kill, and play the way you choose.

Join the hunt

As a member of the squad, you will need to coordinate with your team to kill the monster. The environment around you is unknown and dangerous. Push forward with caution and keep your eyes open. In any case, your mission is clear - survive.

During Development

We will be making huge changes to the UI, level design, and how the game itself functions. Screenshots and Trailers may not always represent what is currently in-game.

Mist of the Dark

3 / 5

Mist of the Dark Logo
Author: Visualistic Studios, LLC.
Size: 2 GB available space

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