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The Haunted House of Doom review

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The Haunted House of Doom Review

The Haunted House of Doom is an application created by Paul Bird. The Haunted House of Doom was first published on . It is currently available on Steam.

You wake up in a strange house. Where are you? Can you solve the mystery of..... the Haunted House of Doom? This is a classic style point and click interactive adventure story in the horror genre. Explore the house, find the secret tunnels and solve the adventure. Along the way you have to collect items to help you along the way. Not all is as it seems as the house is filled with all kinds of beings such as ghosts, trolls and dragons... but why?

Solve the mystery at your own pace. But beware... take a wrong step and you may come to an untimely end!

The story so far...

"As you awaken, you curse the day the Daily Record hired you to find a scoop on the so-called Haunted Mansion.
It appears that your job as private investigator has taken you too close to the truth about the strange goings at this place.
The last thing you remember was being hit over the head. Now you find yourself in what appears to be the laundry room.
Perhaps they thought they'd killed you because you weren't tied up. Just left there in a heap on the cold tiles.
Now you must try to escape while you still can..."

The Haunted House of Doom

4 / 5

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Author: Paul Bird

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