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Bluey: The Videogame

A Beloved Series Gets a Video Game

"Bluey," the cherished Australian animated series, has captured the hearts of both children and adults alike with its witty, emotionally rich storytelling, and beautifully animated adventures of a dog family. So, the announcement of "Bluey: The Videogame" was met with a mix of excitement and cautious optimism. Could a game capture the same magic? Unfortunately, what should have been a joyous extension of the "Bluey" universe into the gaming world feels more like a missed opportunity.

In the Shoes of the Heeler Family

At first glance, the game offers a promising start. Players can step into the paws of the Heeler family members - Bluey, Bingo, Chilli (Mum), and Bandit (Dad) - in a four-player co-op experience that seems to echo the TV show's inclusive, family-oriented vibe. The character selection screen cleverly nods to the show's iconic credits, and fans will appreciate the original voice acting and snippets of the show's delightful music.

A Shallow Dive into Bluey's World

However, the excitement quickly fades as players delve deeper. The game, priced at $39.99, can be completed in roughly an hour or a bit more for completionists. With just four simple story episodes and a handful of minimalistic minigames, the gameplay feels underdeveloped. The basic mechanics of jumping, pushing, pulling, and item collection lack depth, and any initial polish is tarnished by technical issues such as glitchy performance and low-resolution graphics that fail to do justice to the vibrant world of the TV series.

Co-op Play: A Struggle Rather Than a Joy

The potential for fun family co-op play is hampered by a camera system that can't seem to keep all players in view, leading to a frustrating experience rather than an enjoyable one. It's a stark contrast to the imaginative play celebrated in the TV show, leaving much to be desired in terms of gameplay innovation and execution.

A Disappointment for Fans

For a game that draws from a source as rich and beloved as "Bluey," the video game adaptation feels like a disservice. It lacks the imagination, depth, and polish expected from a title that carries the weight of such a significant cultural property. While it's clear there was some love for the material from the developers, the game ultimately fails to deliver a worthy experience for fans of the show.

In conclusion, while "Bluey: The Videogame" attempts to bring the beloved Heeler family into the gaming world, it falls short of expectations. With limited content, technical issues, and a lack of imaginative gameplay, it feels more like a hastily constructed tie-in than a tribute to one of TV's most endearing shows. Fans looking for a deeper dive into Bluey's world might be better off sticking to the small screen for now.


  • Features original voice acting and music from the show.
  • Character selection screen creatively references the TV show’s credits.
  • Offers a four-player co-op experience.


  • Co-op play is hindered by a problematic camera system.
  • Fails to capture the essence and imagination of the original show.
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Author: Artax Games.
Size: 10 GB available space

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