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October 8, 2020


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Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a distinctive and immensely entertaining puzzle platformer that can be enjoyed on several platforms. This game, crafted and released by No Brakes Games, has garnered widespread acclaim within the indie gaming community over recent years, amassing a devoted fan base. With its simple yet intriguing puzzles and captivating gameplay, it promises to draw a diverse crowd, from beginners to seasoned gaming aficionados.

Distinct Gameplay and Invigorating Challenges

In Human: Fall Flat, players embody Bob, an individual striving to navigate his way out of a dream realm filled with impediments. The game is divided into stages, with each presenting its own array of challenges and conundrums to be unraveled to advance forward. Challenges veer from elementary platforming tasks to more complex problems that require a blend of physics knowledge, logical reasoning, and adept problem-solving abilities. The puzzles offer a degree of challenge without becoming overly complex, and the game world is brimming with hidden items and bonuses that players can discover while exploring.

Players can personalize their characters and the game world to their taste through a variety of customization choices. The level editor enhances the game by adding difficulty and extending its replayability, as it permits players to create personalized stages.

Drawbacks - Cumbersome Controls and Dated Visuals

Despite its strengths in gameplay and puzzle design, Human: Fall Flat encounters a few shortcomings. Controls can at times feel unresponsive or nonintuitive, while the visual aspects lag behind contemporary offerings in the genre. Additionally, the gameplay might become monotonous for some players over time, potentially diminishing its charm.


  • Engaging, physics-rooted puzzle and platforming segments.
  • Expansive, non-linear stages open to exploration.
  • Cooperative and online multiplayer options.
  • Whimsical and comical character concepts.
  • Modest system requirements for accessibility.


  • Monotonous auditory and sound elements.
  • Restricted range of characters and options for customization.
  • Certain stages could pose excessive difficulty for more casual players.

Final Verdict - A Captivating Puzzle Platformer

In conclusion, Human: Fall Flat stands out as a solid puzzle platformer that promises to deliver countless hours of excitement and brain-teasing conundrums. Its remarkable gameworld and captivating ambiance ensure that players will find reasons to return, while the level editor significantly augments its replay value. Despite a handful of drawbacks, Human: Fall Flat is a gratifying experience that is bound to resonate with enthusiasts of the puzzle platformer category. Player feedback frequently emphasizes the game's puzzles for being both outstanding and demanding, and they also acclaim the captivating worlds within the game.

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Author: 505 Games Srl
Latest Version: 1.0
Publish Date: October 8, 2020
Size: 39M

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