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4.6 / 5


Amanita Design

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November 22, 2020


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Machinarium is a popular puzzle game developed by Amanita Design. It is an award-winning, story-driven adventure game that follows the journey of a small robot on a mission to save his friends and restore the city of Machinarium. With its unique art style and clever puzzles, Machinarium has become one of the most beloved adventure games ever.

A Charismatic Robot Hero and a Unique Art Style

The game stars the robot protagonist, Josef, as he navigates through the city of Machinarium. The game world is a strange and beautiful mix of steampunk and classic cartoon art styles. The visuals are stunning and the soundtrack is equally captivating. Josef is an endearing and lovable character, and players will quickly find themselves rooting for him on his quest.

Brain-Twisting Puzzles and Challenging Levels

The gameplay of Machinarium is focused on solving puzzles. The puzzles range from simple brain teasers to complex multi-step challenges. Players must think outside the box to progress and use their environment to find solutions. The game also features mini-games like a shooting gallery and a rhythm game. The difficulty is well-balanced and the puzzles are rewarding to solve.

All the Different Aspects of Machinarium

The game starts with a beautifully-crafted cinematic introduction that sets the tone for the game. The visuals are incredibly detailed and the music is hauntingly beautiful. The game world is full of vibrant colors and charming characters. The puzzles in the game are incredibly varied and you’ll find yourself using your brain to progress. The puzzles are logical and you can usually figure them out with trial and error. 

The game is also incredibly accessible and easy to pick up. The control scheme is incredibly intuitive and you’ll find yourself getting the hang of it quickly. The game also has a hint system to help you when you get stuck. 

However, the game does have some weak points. The game is relatively short, and the puzzles can sometimes be a bit too easy. The game also lacks replayability, as once you’ve completed it, there’s not much else to do.


  • Beautifully detailed and animated 2D graphics 
  • Unique and delightful soundtrack
  • Engaging and challenging puzzles
  • Integrated storyline with entertaining dialogue
  • Great atmosphere and art style
  • The robot protagonist is charming and unique
  • No time limits or lives, allowing for a relaxed experience


  • The puzzles can be pretty difficult and frustrating at times
  • The game is relatively short and can be finished in a few hours
  • The controls can be a bit clunky and awkward


Overall, Machinarium is a fantastic adventure game with a unique art style, engaging puzzles, and a lovable protagonist. It is a great way to spend a few hours; players can expect to be challenged and entertained. Despite some of its flaws, such as a few clunky controls and lack of replayability, Machinarium is still a classic game that will remain in the hearts of its fans for years to come.


4.6 / 5

Machinarium Logo
Author: Amanita Design
Latest Version: 2.5.6
Publish Date: November 22, 2020
Size: 13M

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