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October 23, 2020


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Monopoly is one of the most beloved classic board games, providing hours of entertainment for families, friends, and even strangers. While the game has been around for a long time, it has recently been revamped and released for video game platforms, making it more accessible to a wider audience. This Monopoly review will examine the game's latest version and how it compares to its original board game counterpart.

A Fun and Engaging Video Game Experience

Monopoly is an incredibly fun and engaging video game experience. The game is set up in the familiar format of the original board game, with players taking turns buying and trading properties on a game board. The game also introduces new elements, such as buildings, to add an extra layer of complexity and strategy. The game also includes various game modes, such as tournaments and team play, to ensure that players have a unique and engaging experience every time they play.

Unfortunately, Monopoly does have a few weak points. For one, the game can be pretty slow, especially if players are unfamiliar with the rules. Additionally, the game is quite costly, with the base game and various expansions costing quite a bit. Additionally, the game has no online mode, which can disappoint those hoping to play with friends online.

Detailed Gameplay and Unique Features

The monopoly video game is a faithful adaptation of the classic board game. The game features the same rules but with updated graphics and a few new features. Players can choose from various game modes, including single-player, multiplayer, and online modes. The game also features various boards, cards, and pieces.

The game is fairly easy to learn and play but requires some strategy. Players must buy and sell properties, build houses and hotels, and manage their finances. The game also features a few mini-games, such as dice and card games.

Unfortunately, the game has a few weak points. The graphics are a bit dated and the sound effects are rather repetitive. The AI opponents can also be a bit too easy, making the game less challenging than it could be.


  • Great graphics, sound, and animation
  • Fun to play with friends and family
  • Many different game modes to choose from
  • Easy to learn and understand the rules
  • Lots of replay value
  • Lots of customizations are available
  • It has an online mode and a variety of other features


  • It can be slow to load at times
  • AI players can be too easy or too hard
  • A limited number of game boards are available
  • A limited number of properties and utilities
  • Dice rolls can be unpredictable at times

Conclusion: A Great Game for Families and Friends

Overall, Monopoly is a great game for families and friends. The game has been revamped to bring it up to date with modern platforms while still retaining the classic gameplay of the original board game. The game is engaging and fun, with plenty of different modes to ensure that players can have a unique experience every time they play. While there are some weak points, such as the lack of an online mode and the costliness of the game, these do not detract from the game's overall experience.

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Author: Marmalade Game Studio
Latest Version: 1.0.8
Publish Date: October 23, 2020
Size: 74M

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