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October 23, 2020


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The classic board game Monopoly has consistently provided entertainment to both families and friends, surpassing the limits of mere amusement to establish itself as a staple in communal get-togethers. Withstanding the test of time, this cherished game has recently transitioned to the digital realm, now gracing video game consoles and enhancing its reach to a broader demographic. This review delves into the nuances of the most recent incarnation of Monopoly, assessing how the interpretation of the video game stacks up against its traditional, tangible predecessor.

Captivating Digital Reimagining of a Classic

The transition of Monopoly into a digital format has effectively maintained the core elements that make it engaging, transforming it into a captivating video game adaptation. The classic property-acquisition gameplay endures, inviting virtual contenders to partake in the familiar pursuit of wealth through buying, auctioning, and strategizing over virtual real estate. To freshen up the experience, the video game introduces additional features like custom structures, injecting a novel twist of complexity and strategy. Multiple game modes, including tournaments and co-op play, further serve to tailor individual sessions to a diversity of gaming preferences.

However, the digital version is not without drawbacks. Some players may find Monopoly's pace to be rather sluggish, particularly for newcomers grappling with the rule set. Moreover, the cost of entry might seem steep, with the core game and its expansions requiring considerable investment without an online multiplayer feature to sweeten the deal, potentially leaving some aspiring to connect with distant friends or competitors slightly wanting.

In-depth gameplay with Innovative Twists

The Monopoly video game endeavors to be a faithful embodiment of its board game antecedent, mirroring its governance while rejuvenating it with crisp visuals and a sprinkling of inventive aspects. The offering ranges from solitary play to local and online multiplayer options, catering to solo and social gamers. An array of game boards, chance cards, and playing tokens augment the diversity of each playthrough.

The gameplay is accessible to novices and commands thoughtful strategic maneuvers from veterans. Economic savvy is crucial as players jockey to monopolize properties and erect housing developments, all the while managing their monetary resources. Included mini-games, such as luck-based dice challenges and interactive card games, augment the primary competition with short, exhilarating diversions.

Nonetheless, the video game exhibits certain shortcomings. Aesthetically, the graphics may not measure up to the latest standards, and the sound design may quickly become monotonous. Moreover, artificial intelligence adversaries might offer insufficient challenge, dampening the appeal for more seasoned gamers.


  • Impressive visual and audio presentation
  • Varied game modes enhance replayability
  • Intuitive rules that are quick to master
  • Broad customization options
  • Incorporates online multiplayer and additional gameplay elements


  • Potential for protracted loading times
  • Inconsistent difficulty levels with AI players
  • Property and utility options may feel restricted
  • Dice outcomes might seem too left to chance

In Conclusion: A Delightful Option for Group Entertainment

In summary, Monopoly's digital iteration is a splendid option for game nights with loved ones, upholding the engaging core gameplay while gracefully integrating modern platform capabilities. The experience is centered around joy and entertainment, drawing in a broad spectrum of players with its diverse modes and innovative features.Although the game lacks an online multiplayer option and buying the game and its expansions can be costly, these slight drawbacks are eclipsed by the exceptional enjoyment and high quality the game provides.

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Author: Marmalade Game Studio
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Publish Date: October 23, 2020
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