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December 3, 2020


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Papers Grade, Please!

Papers Grade, Please! is an engaging and informative app created to assist students in mastering the skill of self-assessing and grading their work with precision. Developed by an experienced education expert, Papers Grade, Please! is an excellent way for students to improve their essay writing skills. This app allows students to practice their paper grading skills, get feedback on their work, and track their progress over time.

Tests Student's Knowledge and Strengths

The primary functionality of the app is its quiz-based system for grading papers. Students must answer multiple-choice questions based on the paper they are grading. Questions range from grammar to organization to content and more. Students must then score their papers based on the results of the quiz. The app also provides feedback on the student's performance so that they can track their progress over time.
However, there are some weaknesses with the app. For example, the quizzes are limited to multiple-choice questions, and some may be too basic for more advanced students. Furthermore, the app lacks any sort of feedback mechanism to guide users on how to enhance their essays once graded, a feature that would be beneficial for students seeking to better their writing skills.

Learn to Grade Papers and Improve Your Skills

In Papers Grade, Please!, players are given a series of papers to grade. The papers come from different topics and have varying levels of difficulty. Players must read the papers and make decisions based on the criteria given. As participants advance in the game, they will gain a deeper understanding of assessing and grading paper, as well as how to differentiate between various paper categories.  Gamers have the opportunity to enhance their paper grading abilities and boost their scores by practicing and progressing within the game.
The app's interactivity is somewhat limited, which is considered a drawback. Since the game lacks a feedback mechanism for player performance, it is difficult to monitor one's progress and gauge enhancement. Furthermore, the game lacks any guidance or advice on the paper grading process, posing a challenge for players who are inexperienced with evaluating papers.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Creative and unique levels
  • Engaging storyline
  • Great visuals and sound
  • Variety of characters and objectives


  • Limited replay value
  • Unbalanced difficulty
  • Occasional glitches and bugs

Conclusion: Impressive Educational Tool

Overall, Papers Grade, Please! is an impressive educational tool for students. Its quiz-style paper grading system is both fun and challenging for students, and the app provides useful feedback on the student's performance. While the app has some weaknesses, it is still an effective way for students to improve their paper grading skills and track their progress over time.
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Author: Lion Studios
Latest Version: 1.360
Publish Date: December 3, 2020
Size: 68M

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